Making stuff is our jam.
It's what we do, and we love doing it.

We tinker, we hack, we make, we create. We do all those fancy buzzwords. There's so much interesting technology out there just waiting to be explored, and it's more accessible than ever. Arduino makes hardware hacking easy, programming languages like Javascript run everywhere & make software more approachable. Amazon, eBay & Aliexpress make it easy for us to buy almost anything with a quick search - the only real limit is imagination & money.

We have so many ideas we want to explore and learn about, and we create a lot of new knowledge with our experimentation, so we wanted to create a place where we could collate all of our tinkering and experimentation and share them, and perhaps turn some of our best ideas into products we can share to support ourselves.

An R&D unit that explores new ideas is commonly called a Skunkworks, and that's exactly what Machine Industries is, a crazy, blue-sky-thinking, honest-to-goodness skunkworks unit through which we can test out new ideas, share our results, learn from our failures & profit from our successes.

Who we are

Josh Black

Chronic tinkerer, hacker, maker, terrible baker. Born in the 22nd century & sent back in time to save the past.

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Purveyors of the finest in Australian design, lovers of mechanical keyboards.

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Manufacturing partners, marketplace proprietors, community curators, Massdrop have helped us share products with great success.

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Machine Industries is as much of an experiment as the projects we work on, and we're going to make & share as much as we can for as long as we can. We want to take a shot at everthing from maker-level desktop pick-and-place machines, to keyboards made of cardboard, to clothes made of futuristic textiles and everything in between. If you want to support us, check out our projects, follow us on twitter or instagram, and maybe even buy one of our finished products if you're interested.

See you space cowboy.